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The History of Government-Approved Cryptos

Cryptocurrencies are becoming a popular topic in mainstream media; everyone is talking about them, and many people want to purchase them to see what the commotion is all about.

While cryptos have given us a more accessible financial world, not everything has been steady for their growth; for example, Bitcoin (which is the first recorded cryptocurrency in history) has gone through several downfalls over the past 10 years, making people believe this asset isn’t as viable as others.

In essence, the main problem with cryptocurrencies is that they’re not regulated by any banking or government entity, meaning they may not be viable for some people as a payment method. Additionally, many scammers have used cryptocurrency transfers to make people lose money since these transactions are not easily traceable by themselves.

Taking all of that information into consideration, it’s safe to say no government-trusted cryptocurrencies are a safe platform to manage money. However, times have changed, and today, many governments worldwide are rushing to create their cryptocurrencies in an attempt to have a record of the transactions people make within their territory.

Why Are Governments Rushing to Create Cryptos?

The answer is simple: Banking institutions worldwide want to get their chance into having a virtual currency as popular as Bitcoin. Not many countries have tried to implement digital currencies before, so it’s still a work in progress for many.

One of the first countries that decided to implement a project for a digital currency was China, which launched pilot programs for a “Digital Yuan.” These tests were successful enough in many of China’s mainland cities, which made the government take the project more seriously.

The European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve are also exploring some options to implement virtual currencies into the general public, but people may not expect a full rollout anytime soon.

In essence, China is the leading country in the search for a stable, digital currency. As mentioned before, this is still a work in progress, but thanks to the effort of many professionals, you can now test China’s crypto yourself with the help of the Yuan Pay Group.

What’s the Purpose of China’s Cryptocurrency?

Remember that the reason why governments didn’t want to get involved with cryptocurrencies was due to their regulation problems? China’s goal with its digital currency is to keep the efficiency of crypto transfers while also being able to monitor its economy successfully.

Many people are transitioning from traditional currencies into digital currencies to protect their money. Think of cryptos as physical cash; you have full control over it, and no banking entity can regulate or monitor how you use it.

By looking at China’s crypto project superficially, some people would think that the E-Yuan can take away one of the cryptos’ most valued features: Anonymity. While it’s true that the government is going to have a particular degree of control over how you spend your money, you’re still going to have much more control than with other assets.

Additionally, the E-Yuan is going to offer much more stability than other traditional cryptos, meaning it can become a safe investment choice for the general public.

Digital Yuan

Is the E-Yuan Only Going to be Used in China?

Not too long ago, China used to restrict ICO or crypto transfers in general in its territory. However, thanks to the arrival of the E-Yuan, the government is opening up to more business possibilities using this asset.

China has allowed the global distribution of the E-Yuan through reliable and approved distributors; this means that not everyone can get and distribute this asset. The Yuan Pay Group is the only organization so far allowed to commercialize the E-Yuan to the public.

In essence, we’re able to get your fiat currency and trade it for a portion of E-Yuan. Considering how recent this event is, the price for E-Yuan is considerably low, meaning it’s a big opportunity for you to invest in it.

Cryptocurrencies in general have been getting wider approval over the past few years. In fact, Bitcoin experienced outstanding growth in the past year, which made people jump into the crypto train right away.

As many financial experts claim, cryptocurrencies are the future of money. It’s only a matter of time until more governments and banking institutions start drafting their cryptocurrencies and selling them to the public. These new cryptos may compete with the fully decentralized ones, so it’s going to be interesting to see how much this revolution is going to unravel over the following years.

How Did the Yuan Pay Group Get Approval to Work with the Chinese Crypto?

It’s common for every trading platform to want access to the most popular cryptos at the moment. However, going for the most popular one isn’t always the right thing to do. In our case, we decided to trust China’s new proposal for cryptocurrencies and invest in them.

Since the Chinese government started showing interest in developing its cryptocurrency, we decided to start making connections with several organizations linked to the government. Fast forward a few years later, and our team was able to legalize the worldwide trading of the E-Yuan through our company.

The process wasn’t easy; we had to invest a significant amount of money to achieve this goal and study how the Chinese economy worked so that we could ensure our clients that they were going to work with a trustworthy asset.

Thanks to years of hard work, we can safely say that China has a promising project in its hands, and we’re ready to be a significant partner in this journey. The world of economics is changing as we know it, and the E-Yuan is going to be one of the most revolutionary additions to it.

Keep in mind that we work with a verified license to work with cryptocurrencies (including the E-Yuan). If you’re looking for the most reliable broker to gain access to your cryptos, the Yuan Pay Group can be a great way to start.

Do You Want to Start Trading with the Yuan Pay Group? Here Are Some Things to Consider

Many people decide to jump right into trading without knowing how it works, and this is a mistake. While trading may seem exciting, it can come with several obstacles that may pull you further from your financial goals.

Our job as a trading company is to give you all the information you need so that you can start trading the right way; that includes providing you with the positives and negatives of this financial activity.

First, you must keep in mind that you don’t need years of experience to start trading. Many “trading gurus” tend to tell their customers they need to study for years if they want to become professional traders. While studying plays a significant role in proper trading, it’s not everything.

Digital Yuan

If you want to trade “like the pros” you need more than information. Considering how volatile the crypto market tends to be, you must practice your trading strategies so that you know what to do once the market changes. It’s important to note that most of these market changes are unpredictable, which is why you must practice.

Second, you must acknowledge you may experience losses in some cases. To begin trading, you must make an investment and use it to place your trades. However, you may not always be correct in your predictions, causing you to lose some of your investment.

Keep in mind that losing is as normal as winning. You must take every trading session as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and do better next time. Considering that the E-Yuan is going to skyrocket anytime soon, it’s vital for you to learn as much as you can about it today.

The key to proper trading is to be patient and willing to keep learning each day. You can’t expect to become a master trader overnight, but you don’t have to spend five years studying to make a good trade either. It’s all about patience and persistence.

We’re going to give you the necessary tools to get your trading journey started, but if you want to see improvements in your skills, you must practice every day!

Why Should You Invest in Cryptocurrencies with the Yuan Pay Group?

This is a question our team gets all the time: “Why should I do it?” If you’re new to cryptocurrencies (especially the E-Yuan), you may be wondering what’s in it for you if you begin trading.

As we always tell our potential users, cryptos are the future of finance. Several organizations every year are adding cryptocurrencies into their business models, so it’s a matter of time until the rest of the world does it too.

One of the greatest things about trading is that you can do it in any way you consider appropriate. There’s not a “right” or “wrong” way to trade; if it works for you, that’s all you need. In essence, you’re writing your story.

If you’re planning on investing, we invite you to do it with us. We’re the only organization with whom you can get E-Yuan. China’s crypto may be available to more trading platforms as time passes, but it’s also going to become less accessible and more expensive for people. In these cases, it’s much better to start investing right away!

Keep in mind you don’t have to spend all your money on our platform. You may invest as much money as you consider appropriate. If you don’t want to take high risks, you may invest a lower amount of money. We want to give you full liberty to trade as you please.

How Can You Sign Up for the Yuan Pay Group?

If you’ve chosen to work with us in your trading journey, congratulations! We’re more than happy to welcome you to our team. Before you begin trading your fiat currencies for E-Yuan, there are some steps you need to follow to become a member.

The sign-up process is simple enough: First, you must fill out the registration form at the end of this page with your contact information; this way, we can start creating your account. Typically, this process takes about five to 10 minutes.

Right after you verify your account via e-mail, you’re free to explore the Yuan Pay App. We made this app as accessible as possible for the general public, so anyone with decent trading knowledge can start trading after a few minutes.

Remember to take your time and explore all your options before trading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptos are still a new thing for many people, so it’s normal for them to have some questions regarding how they work. We created this FAQ section to help beginners have a smoother start in their trading journey.

If you have any additional questions you didn’t find on the home page, make sure to read this section!

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

A cryptocurrency is commonly referred to as a digital asset that people can use to purchase goods and services online. Cryptos are decentralized assets, meaning no entity can regulate the transactions.

One of the reasons why people prefer cryptocurrencies over fiat currencies is that they provide a much deeper layer of security for people’s accounts. Every crypto transaction gets stored in the “Blockchain” network, in which every transaction data is stored as “blocks” in a public, secure server.

Another reason why cryptos are popular is anonymity. You don’t have to provide your personal information at the time of making a transaction, which makes the process faster and easier for people who don’t feel comfortable sharing personal data with their seller/buyer.

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market today, and each one has its particular functionality, value, and more. Today, some of the most popular cryptos include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

Is the Yuan Pay Group the Only Company Allowed to Sell E-Yuan?

Currently, we’re the only licensed trading company allowed to distribute Chinese crypto. This is because we’ve made alliances with several Chinese organizations in an effort to make the distribution of their asset a bit easier.

If you want to purchase E-Yuan from a reputable seller, we’re the most secure option you have. Keep in mind that there may be other companies claiming that you can purchase E-Yuan from them, but if they’re not licensed, there’s no guarantee of you receiving what you paid for.

Is the Yuan Pay App Free?

Creating an account at the Yuan Pay Group is entirely free of charge. We don’t charge any registration or withdrawal fees for your account, so you can rest assured that your money is 100% yours.

However, you do need to make an investment to start making trades. There’s no right amount to invest, so make sure you use the amount of money you feel comfortable with.

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