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It’s no big surprise how popular cryptocurrencies have become over the past decade. These digital assets have allowed users worldwide have freedom over their money, their transactions, and their savings.

However, one of the primary concerns that crypto users still face is regulations. As you may (or may not) know yet, several governments worldwide currently regulate or limit entirely the use of crypto in their territories. This is because governments don’t fully accept the fact that these assets are decentralized.

Does this mean that cryptocurrencies will never be accepted as a valid primary payment method for the general public? Not necessarily. Some countries, such as China, have started to work on regulated crypto assets, such as the E-Yuan.

Since the E-Yuan is still fairly new, it’s challenging to trade it without the right people. Currently, we’re the only organization legally allowed to trade the Digital Yuan, and we want to tell you everything about that.

If you want to know more about the Yuan Pay Group and how you can use it to invest in the E-Yuan, keep reading!

What Is the Yuan Pay Group?

Overall, the Yuan Pay Group is marketed as a fully automated trading platform for cryptocurrencies. What makes the Yuan Pay Group different from other crypto trading platforms is that it is the only one allowed to trade with China’s Digital Yuan.

You may be wondering: “Why would the government restrict access to the Digital Yuan that way?” In essence, remember that government-approved cryptocurrencies are still a fairly new concept, and many people still don’t know what to do about them.

The primary factor of cryptocurrencies is that they’re decentralized, as mentioned before. This means that no government or banking agency can regulate your transactions with these assets. Taking that into consideration, a government creating a cryptocurrency may be seen as contradictory.

However, government-backed cryptos are seen as a possibly good option since that would decrease the rate at which scams are executed. It’s important to note that the crypto world has allowed scammers to steal money from people and get away with it since transactions are mostly linked to wallet codes, not the identity of the person themselves.

In that sense, the Yuan Pay Group took interest in China’s new coin, made several connections with the Chinese government, and was able to get a license to trade this coin.

However, the experience with the Yuan Pay system doesn’t stop there. Not only you can also trade other cryptocurrencies, but you can also work with Yuan Pay Group’s proprietary coin, the ‘Yuan Pay Coin.’

The Yuan Pay Coin is a bit different from the Digital Yuan, but they both serve the same purpose, which is providing support to China’s economy. Other than that, the Yuan Pay app works similarly to other crypto trading platforms on the market, so there’s nothing to worry about if you’re looking for something familiar to trade.

Can You Invest in Digital Yuan?

Absolutely! It’s completely normal for someone outside of China to think they cannot invest in the Digital Yuan. While the E-Yuan and Yuan Pay Coin are mostly aimed at the Chinese population, people can now invest in these assets too through the Yuan Pay system.

Currently, China has encouraged users to work with the Digital Yuan instead of other currencies. Since the asset is still new, not everyone is aware of it yet. However, China’s proprietary Digital Yuan wallet already has 260 million users, so it’s no surprise that this asset is going to become much more important in the future.

Moreover, the fact that people are working with a government-backed cryptocurrency may encourage other countries to start creating their cryptocurrencies shortly. In the end, it’s a matter of extra safety for both the government and the user. If you’re looking to invest in China’s crypto, keep in mind you can do it through the Yuan Pay Group.

Digital Yuan

E-Yuan China’s Crypto

Also known as the ‘e-CNY’ or the ‘Digital Currency Electronic Payment,’ the Digital Yuan is a digitized variant of China’s renminbi (RMB). The Digital Yuan is currently issued by the central bank, which is called the ‘People’s Bank of China (PBOC).’ Today, China is encouraging the usage of the Digital Yuan for high-frequency and small-scale transactions in its territory.

It's vital to note that the E-Yuan is not fully decentralized as it is issued by the country’s central bank. Many people have claimed that the E-Yuan isn’t truly a cryptocurrency since it doesn’t meet the ‘Decentralized’ criteria. However, the asset works similarly to cryptocurrencies and has the same system.

In essence, the Digital Yuan’s price is linked to the RMB’s price, which has a fixed exchange rate linked to currency baskets like the China Foreign Exchange Trade System. As mentioned before, citizens outside China may only be able to get the Digital Yuan through the Yuan Pay Group since it’s the only organization allowed to trade this asset.

Logically, people outside of China cannot use China’s proprietary Digital Yuan app since you need to meet a few requirements. Some of those requirements include being in one of China’s 12 pilot cities and having an approved Chinese bank account. Some people have been able to sign up through WeChat Pay and Alipay, but even in these cases, you still need to have a Chinese bank account.

However, this doesn’t mean that these measures will go on forever. Chinese authorities will likely allow foreigners to invest in the Digital Yuan for touristic purposes in the future. According to some foreign media outlets, China might make the asset available for foreigners to use during events like Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

Other than that, the Digital Yuan and Yuan Pay Coin work the same as other crypto-assets and allow peer-to-peer transfers. Considering how the Digital Yuan is more centralized than any other cryptocurrency, some people don’t know whether people will adopt this asset as a primary payment method in the future. Still, using the Yuan Pay Group to test this asset by yourself is one of the best choices you can make today.

How to Open an Account at the Yuan Pay Group

Currently, creating an account with the Yuan Pay team is easy and free of charge. Before you dive deep into the features that the Digital Yuan and Yuan Pay Coin have to offer, make sure to follow these steps to become an official member of the website!


You’re going to find a registration form at the bottom of this website. Once you’re there, make sure to fill it out with the information required by the Yuan Pay team. Up to this point, we’re only going to ask for basic contact information to create your account.

Once we’re done creating your account, you’re going to receive an email with the verification steps. You can start using your Yuan Pay app account as soon as you verify your account. Overall, the sign-up process doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Fund Your Account

Whether you’re new or experienced in trading, we suggest you take your time to evaluate all the options available for you. We made sure the Yuan Pay app had enough features for you to execute your trades with any cryptocurrency from our listing.

Keep in mind that you can’t start trading until you invest money since that’s what you’re going to use to get the Digital Yuan or Yuan Pay Coin. Overall, you can choose to invest any amount of money you consider appropriate, but if you’re new to trading, we suggest you go for smaller amounts to minimize your risk factors.

Start Trading

Once you’re finished investing and setting up your trading strategy, you can begin placing your trades. This is the most important part of the process, so make sure you take your time with it.

Remember, the Yuan Pay app works the same as other crypto trading platforms, so if you ever feel your current trading strategy isn’t working correctly, you may adjust your strategy until you get your desired outcomes.

That’s it! Those are three simple steps you can follow to start your trading journey with China’s crypto.

How to Buy Digital Yuan

As mentioned throughout this page, if you’re not a Chinese citizen, the only way to purchase Digital Yuan legally is through the Yuan Pay Group. We’re the only licensed company to trade China’s crypto, so make sure you don’t fall for any other websites that claim they can do that too.

Once you have your Yuan Pay Group account, all you have to do is invest any amount of money you feel comfortable with, choose the number of Digital Yuan you want to purchase, and make the exchange. Overall, you can trade with fiat currencies or other cryptos.

Chinese citizens are able to purchase Digital Yuan through the country’s proprietary app, but if that’s not an option for you, we have you covered here.

Yuan Pay Group Key Features

If you want to learn more about what the Yuan Pay Group can do for you, make sure to keep reading for our full list of features!

• Trading Features: We worked hard to make the Yuan Pay app one of the most reliable ones on the market. Whether you’re a new or experienced trader, you will find the latest technology and features to make your trading experience much more pleasant.

• Demo Account Not fully convinced to invest your money with the Yuan Pay Group? We got you covered! You can use Yuan Pay app’s ‘Demo’ account and test all of the features without investing any money. That way, you have a better idea of how everything works before making a decision.

• Automated Trading: Stop spending hours and days doing manual trades; not only is that exhausting but it also takes a huge toll on your health. Thanks to Yuan Pay Group’s algorithmic trading robot, you can set up your trading strategy and let the app do the rest.

• Multiple Cryptocurrencies Available: While we specialize in the Digital Yuan and the Yuan Pay Coin, there are a plethora of cryptos you can work with, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, and so on.

• Withdrawals: You can withdraw your money at any moment you consider appropriate. All you have to do is fill out a simple payout form and wait for your bank to process the transaction.

• Active Customer Support: If you have any particular doubts about the Yuan Pay Group, you can contact our customer support team. The Yuan Pay team is always there to help, so don’t hesitate to clarify anything you may need with them.

The Yuan Pay Team

The Yuan Pay Team is comprised of several trading and investment professionals inside and outside of China. Thanks to the effort of our Chinese team, we were able to secure legal authorization to work with the Digital Yuan.

Keep in mind we’ve been working with the Yuan Pay Group website for several years now, and thanks to all the effort, time, and money put into this project, we’re now able to take the E-Yuan experience to everyone around the world.

We want to make your trading experience as smooth as possible for everyone, so we’re continually taking feedback and updating the app with the necessary features to help everyone. In essence, we’re more than happy to provide you with a way to trade China’s crypto, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it in the future!


Is Yuan Pay Group Safe?

Yes! We’re the only approved company to trade China’s government-backed cryptocurrency. If you want to get Digital Yuan legally, the Yuan Pay app is the only way to go.

Can I invest in E-Yuan?

Thanks to the Yuan Pay Group, you can invest in E-Yuan from anywhere in the world. Some time ago, this was only restricted to Chinese citizens, but now, we’re able to take this crypto over to anyone who may want to invest in it.

Has China Blocked Digital Yuan?

Not at all; in fact, it’s the exact opposite. China is currently encouraging Chinese citizens to use Digital Yuan as their primary payment method. Moreover, the country approved the Yuan Pay Group to trade the asset too, so it’s safe to say that it’s far from being blocked.